James & Elizabeth


I met James & Elizabeth over a year ago, and instantly knew that we’d hit it off, I liked the sense of fun and humour they seemed to have, of course like most grooms James wouldn’t have cared if I had 8 heads and 20 feet, as no doubt he was already beginning to think that this wedding milarky seemed a good idea at the time, bet he never thought his bride to be would have him dragged all over the county looking at wedding stuff galore, and for every hand shake his bank balance lost some more self esteem.

Seriously  though, the reason there is a wee bit of humour in this blog is because I knew from the start that I’d enjoy snapping James & Elizabeth’s wedding day, they were fun even at the first meeting,  you need that sense of fun and humour, it makes the actual day far easier, knowing that as well as being professional and passionate about the job you are about to undertake that you can enjoy each others company and share a few laughs. Well at least I hope that’s what happened, either that or for the entire time after booking they questioned their own sanity and were of course too polite to sack me.

An added bonus of this wedding was that it was local, an Airdrie Townhall Wedding. I have a soft spot for this amazing building as I used to tread the boards here in my youth which feels like an eternity ago. Of course finding the address of where Elizabeth was getting ready was a mission in it’s own right, truth be told I think they invented the address and it’s not even real,  even now when you enter into google it directs you to somewhere far away. So I think they may have been trying to ditch me before the wedding.

From the moment I arrived at the house, to the very end of the day, I can honestly say that I had a ball, everyone in attendance were a complete joy to be around, and it almost broke my heart allowing James to actually marry Elizabeth because I found out that like me, James has a fetish for trees, where like me,  he randomly strokes them and comes out with quality lines like “that’s a lovely tree that is” we are of course both very rock and roll.

Again as I often state in my blogs, as a professional it’s great to be around other professionals that deliver, from the make up , hair and amazing staff in Airdrie Town Hall. I like to give a shout out to great professionals, so Hairdresser – Claire Murray (I think that is still her second name, I knew her from my school days 🙂 ) a fab job, Make Up – Mairi McNeill, the girls were stunning,   Flowers – Carol Wooton at Busy Lizzies in Airdrie, beautiful flowers.

A special mention is reserved for a band I have seen a few times and always forget to mention them, Band – Fortebeat. As you can imagine, I have seen lots and lots of bands and Fortebeat are certainly one of the best I have seen, amazing energy, tight and guaranteed to get your guests moving, a truly exceptional wedding band, I really can’t recommend them enough if you are looking to book a band, the Frankie Valli Melody set is outstanding.

Even editing the pictures brought laughter, and a few images that will stay forever on the cutting room floor, but I will add a few others to James and Elizabeth’s personal collection, as they are simply too funny not to. So James and Elizabeth, thanks for looking after me, feeding me and sharing a few laughs, hopefully you guys enjoyed having me around. Here is a wee selection of images of the day.