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Glasgow what a City

Glasgow I’m going to ignore the political and religious shame that hangs over this city like a storm cloud ready to shoot bolts of lightning at any second. This sinister side of the city only really affects the natives. If you […]

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Dekko Comics- Workshop

Today in my other job, or my day job,  I got the opportunity to participate in a workshop ran by Rossie Stone’ of Dekko comics. Dekko comics communicate cross-curricular content in an entertaining way. They make learning more accessible, particularly for […]

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Coatbridge, Dundyvan Church

Dunyvan Church They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this great building in Coatbridge, Dundyvan Church has been left to decay, having experienced many “sudden fires”, yet it is of such significance to Scotland not just Coatbridge, it’s […]

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