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Photographing Graveyards

Graveyard/Cemeteries I love graveyards, or cemeteries as I prefer to call them, Graveyard is a cold and grim name for them, the word Graveyard is like scrapyard, cold and wrong, well for now anyway, as no doubt throughout this blog I will […]

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Camera Fright

Camera Fright   Today, it’s raining. I’m not even shocked, I’d be more shocked if it wasn’t. It’s Glasgow. It’s been a long wet one the over the past few months. I am not going to let it spoil my […]

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Eleanor & Hugh Golden Wedding

Eleanor & Hugh Golden Wedding This was my first Golden wedding renewal of vows, I had to say yes, to be part of something so magical doesn’t come along everyday. I mean 50 years of marriage is quite an achievement, […]

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