Gary & Tim Tie the Knot

Spring was in the air, well on the 25th March it was, instead on the 26th March, Scotland decided that we had possibly had our summer and spring the previous day,  so keeping with tradition decided that we couldn’t possibly have 2 successive dry days in a row. But hey, we didn’t need sunshine in Lanarkshire today (although we secretly did, but shhh!!!) instead we had two fantastic rays of light in Gary & Tim.

For the foreseeable, Gary’s name will come before Tims, because that’s how the e-mail was worded, and Gary took full control of everything. In fact he is now an urban legend of E-mail , ensuring that the lines of communication never went cold. Super organised and super efficient, trust me  I know and so does the venue, the piper, the hotel, the cake maker, suit maker, he even manged to get his shoe designer to custom make his very nice shoes to fit his different sized feet, far from diva just determined to have his special day. An absolute joy from start to finish, he even answered the door in his boxers when I arrived. I do think I arrived a little to sharp for him though as the muffled “Ah shit” I heard from behind the door gave it away that he perhaps thought he had more time. “You’ve seen a guy in boxers before” was his welcome chat.

In I went, a tad nervous but somewhat excited, (not because Gary was welcoming me with boxers on) but because this was the first same sex marriage I was ever to photograph, and well, you just want to deliver results, I knew these guys weren’t up for traditional poses and graces, and wanted a more relaxed photo journalistic approach. Even if I didn’t know this, Tim made sure I quickly did, by constantly frightening the jelly beans from anyone who came to the room with the stern “don’t look at the bloody camera, we are meant to be un-posed and unaware” hahah.

The chat and patter in that room was awesome, so good in fact that my few hours felt more like ten minutes, we had everything from fluffy hair, towel drama and even got the jungle knife out. But there was some real prize special moments when Tim didn’t need to remind everyone not to look at me, times where even he forgot I was about,  I got some truly excellent shots. Gary didn’t give two monkey’s where I was pointing my lens, as long as I got his shoes. 🙂

It was time to get on with the day, I was told that I was staying to eat and become one of the guests, not to take photos, just sit and mingle and enjoy, which I did, I was sat with some great people and we enjoyed some bizarre chat about Doritos and Skittles, as you do. The whole day was a pleasure to be part of, both Gary and Tim proved to be wonderful, warm and very funny grooms. In the evening a photo booth was provided from Peter Beggs of Peter Beggs photobooths. Gary and Tim were the first to experience his fantastic new booth, cheers Peter it was a pleasure working with you also and the feedback I received from guests on the evening was your booth was a resounding success.

101 Park Street Coatbridge

The venue for this awesome wedding was none other than 101 Park Street, in my home town of Sunny Coatbridge, I have photographed here a few times now, I have something of a soft spot for it. I went to college here in my younger days, The lighting is awesome, nice and airy, with nice colours. The decor is lovely and photographs of some spectacular photographers hang on the wall (none of mine yet) from a Scottish photography organisation, which the name has went straight out my head, hopefully someone can sort me out so I can post a link, as the photographers are magic.  The private function room is as good as any I have seen (and I have seen a lot). The management team are special though, warm with an immense sense of humour, nothing is too much trouble. A totally underrated venue, and one I would give serious consideration to myself should someone be unfortunate enough to marry me,

Please enjoy a small selection of some of the images from this fantastic day