It promised to be a stunning day in Lanarkshire, however us lanarkshire people are prepared, we know that it is near impossible to predict the weather in Scotland, it was only last week we had “taps aff Tuesday”, and it started to snow!. The day started promising wall to wall sunshine, however in the blink of an eye it turned to rain, sleet, then back to gorgeous sunshine all in the space of 3.2 minutes. I am really delighted with the start to my wedding season, 2 home weddings in a matter of weeks 🙂 . Today’s wedding was to take place in All Saints Parish in the Coatdyke area of Coatbridge, a beautiful historic gem nestled in Muiryhall Street. A wee link to read about this awesome building 


Today’s wedding was Gemma & Martin, and all they wanted was for it to be dry,  for the majority of the day it was, the only time mother nature became obnoxious was when we were just about to start the couple poses, luckily back at the reception in the fantastic Georgian Hotel an empty atmospheric room was to be made available just for such a scenario.

All credit to Gemma and Martin who showed tremendous composure and patience to accommodate me when I knew all they wanted to do was relax and get into their day. The best man was in for a torrid time with me, as his first words to me where “I hate getting my picture took”, so like the kind and accommodating human I am, I made sure when ever I could that I got a few “Extra” shots of him 🙂 even managing to sneak in a wee selfie for his great sportsmanship. I  will eventually post a dedicated collage board of his “Camera shyness” over the coming months so stay tuned 🙂

I have known Gemma for many years as she provides excellent child care or has been involved at some point with my two boys,  after hearing some interesting stories about Gemma, I am pretty certain it’s entirely her fault that my two boys are crazy. I have it on good authority that Gemma has a secret desire to be a table dancer, and heard that once the party gets started Gemma is known to head toward  what ever table is nearest to demonstrate her silky moves. 😉 sadly I was only hired to cover the first few dances otherwise I may have been showcasing some very different images.

The day was such a pleasure to be involved with,  the images really do show what an amazing day it was. I wish Gemma and Martin every happiness in their greatest adventure yet – marriage!