Julie & Jim get married

This blog is a hard one, because I know Julie, in fact I’d go as far to say she was a good friend, I’ve known this wee diamond for years, I first met her working in a building I used to work in, she always brightened your day no matter what, her cheeky dirty laugh would always make everything alright as it echoed around the building, she oozed carry on and laughter. This is a woman whom, if she found 3p would offer you 2 of it, her world is her beautiful children, and anytime she spoke of them a look of love and pride filled her wee cute face. It was noting short of an honour to be asked to be her photographer when she happily announced she was getting married. I know how much she wanted this wedding, it was awesome to see how happy Jim had made her by asking her to be his wife. A lucky man indeed as in the world of man talk, this one is most certainly a keeper. A truly wonderful human spirit. Although after showing her some of the photos of her bridal prep I’m not sure she likes me any more hahaha.

This wedding was taking place inside the Fullerton Suites part of the Fullerton Park Hotel in the East End of Glasgow, a nice wee venue, although a walk from the hotel to the suite is required if you are staying in the hotel, as the suite is in another building, not a huge problem though, as it’s literally a 2 min walk. It’s decor is lovely and is finished to a high standard, and most importantly it’s spotless clean. I found the staff to be great and accommodating, the food is awesome and also comes highly recommended, the only downside I can think of is the price of the alcohol, a wee bit pricey, but hey, it’s pricey most places these days. As I was working it didn’t affect me, Irn bru was my tipple for the day (which was also a bit pricey).


I really loved being part of Julies special day, I enjoyed some great banter as most of the faces were familiar and the ones that weren’t made me feel part of the day, which is always appreciated. The love this family have for each other was clear to see, a very close and loving family. The day had laughs, love, emotion and happiness, ingredients for a spectacular day, and it was. Julie and Jim are an evenly matched couple he is a lovely bloke,  although you could tell photos weren’t his thing, he humored me and did an awesome job. It was great to catch up with Pamela one of the brides maids  who is as mad as a box of fish, another gem of a human who radiates personality and magic, never a dull moment speaking with her either. Another human I regard as a friend.

Anyway I am really struggling not to venture off into a more comfortable persona of slagging them both, so I shall post some photos of this magic day,  I wish her and her top bloke every ounce of happiness they both deserve, thanks for a great day, hope you enjoy the photos (i’ll leave some of the prep ones out 🙂 )