Kirsty & Mikey Brannigan say I do

© Crawford O'Hare Photography

© Crawford O’Hare Photography

Being a photographer is a very personal experience at times, it’s hard not to become involved in the emotion of the day, yes you do get weddings that sometimes lack the intimacy they need, people sometimes forget to step back and inhale this special day, which is a shame because they spend  so much time and energy creating it, some couples just become so overwhelmed by the occasion. It really is special to see the most hardened man or woman crumble when it comes to the ceremony and i just love being a fly on the wall when the groom and best man take their positions just before the bride arrives, you can almost experience the butterflies and nerves the groom has.

This wedding was going to be great, from arriving at the Alona hotel in Strathclyde park you could feel the atmosphere immediately, I know the bride have done since I was a teenager, (that was about 4 months ago, or so it feels), and I was welcomed by a few faces from my school days.  It was also great to see some professionals that I have started seeing more often, this is no fluke but by the fantastic reputation and work ethic they never fail to deliver, the make up director was over seen by Chris Johnston of Chris Johnston make up artistry-hair (link attached)a fabulous professional talent check out his page, the lad has an awesome reputation.  Hair was from a previous client funny enough way back in the early days, the world becomes smaller the older I get, another professional with a fantastic reputation Laura Courtie Professional Hairstylist (link attached).

Every photographer wants greeters (:) ), and I was in for a treat today as it was only a matter of time until the whole bride room was awash with tears hahah, obviously I can’t disclose what about, but I can say it wasn’t because of my photography talents, or dodgy patter. the room was buzzing filled with joy, humour and great company which was more or less a description of the whole day. A total treat awaited us all, in the form of the outstanding vocal talents of the amazing Soundsational Community Choir , totally spine tingling awesomeness , link attached, a must to check out.

What a fab day, a very emotional and important for the familes, the wedding was moved forward and pulled together quicker than hoped, and wow, what a superb effort and end result, a flawless day that was jam packed with special moments. here is a small selection of some images that captures the day, hope you enjoy, feel free to share this blog Kirsty & Mikey Brannigan say I do.