It’s always magic to be asked to do a local wedding,  you don’t get much more local than your next door neighbour. Lynne booked me a while ago after becoming my new neighbour, a funny tale indeed. So how did I manage to get this gig?.

Well, one weekend my door chapped, I answered it “Can you take a parcel for next door mate”.  “Aye no bother” I replied, the van driver proceeded to empty his van into my hall, boxes of stuff, no sooner had I closed the door and it chapped again, another van driver “Can you take a parcel for next door mate”, scratching my head I thought why not!, I knew we recently had new neighbours and I didn’t want them to not get the parcels in case the desperately needed them to move in. On closing the door I realised that I literally had to squeeze past everything to get to my living-room. Not to worry they will be home shortly ….

A full weekend had past, and nothing, I chapped the door, nothing, truth be told I was now getting a wee bit cheesed off having to squeeze past boxes and packages to get to get into my house, and like any normal human this day in age, I took my rage to facebook , as you do. Now this is where the 360 degrees of knowing everybody on Earth kicked in, because I kind of know everyone in Coatbridge, those I don’t know know, know me or my better half, therefore it was  a certainty that someone on my news feed knew my new neighbours, so my lovely post which I think started “Aye, how to piss off the new neighbours, get your entire  houses new furniture delivered to their house when you go away for the weekend, pain the arse man!”  I ‘m sure it was longer and slightly more flowery as my posts tend to be.

I never thought anything of it until a wee ping came through, I’d received a new message, that went something like “Hi there, I’m the pain in the ass new neighbour lol. Sorry again for the parcels getting delivered to your house”. Now after reading my post I’m pretty sure she thought to herself, wow, our new neighbour seems like a lovely guy, oh look he’s a photographer as well, I think I’ll get this lovely guy to photograph the most important day of my life. Yeah I’m certain that my facebook post sealed the deal for me hahaha.

Thankfully Lynne and Marc turned out to be great neighbours and also had a sense of humour, they are going to need it living next to me 🙂 . Planning the day and sorting times etc, resulted in facebook messages  where we even had a laugh at the fact we lived about 6 footsteps away from each other, how the times have changed, gone are the days of chatting over the fence as we embrace the age of technology 🙂 .

Lynne is so laid back, “I’m not one for photos”, she said. Goodness knows why because what a stunning bride she was, and her husband to be scrubbed up not to bad either,  A cracking suited couple. St James Chapel in my home area of Kirkshaws was where this wedding took place, a glorious sunny day. St James chapel grounds proved to be a great wee shoot location to get the main shots done, it was better to get these done ASAP to let Lynne relax a little, she had worked herself up over her photos, and fair play she produced when required, her photos are awesome,  as the shoot went on she relaxed and hopefully enjoyed getting them done.

The venue for the meal and gathering was once again in one of my favourite venues, the Alona hotel, at Strathclyde Park, (people will begin to think I get paid from the Alona, I don’t, I just really like this venue) the staff are always happy and never once have I saw them give nothing but 100% to their bridal party, even more impressive because they knew Lynne,  they could have easily been familiar, nope, the same commitment to delivering a memorable day. The meal was in the conservatory today, a part of the Alona I hadn’t seen before, perfect for the smaller intimate gathering, the party moved to the Marquee when the popular couple hosted their army of friends, by then I was long gone much to the relief of Lynne who didn’t fancy a photographer following her all evening. I seem to have struck it lucky with my weddings as I am always surrounded by great people who go out there way to make me feel welcome and appreciated, even if I do post dodgy facebook posts 😉  long may it continue.

Another great wedding, here is some snaps I really like 🙂




Mark Mutch O’Hare

Crawford O’Hare Photography