Photographers who inspire

I think photography was inside me. Once I found it, it became stronger than me and I took refuge in it.
Raymond Depardon

I often get asked about  my style. I haven’t really thought about it to much to be honest. Looking back at some of my work I can see common themes appearing, soft muted colours, flirting with old film styles, with as much interest in surroundings as i do on the people in the photos, like urban street almost. I don’t really class my self as a street photographer as my photos are a mix of everything. Simply, I am a photographer, probably photo journalistic almost. I am more at home in a city center than some deserted country side. Probably because it’s easier for me to head to the city center with my commitments etc. I have always loved cities and big towns, from my earliest memories  I have loved being around them.I do love the country side, there will come a point where I will probably dabble in landscape photography, I am just having so much fun snapping in the city.


Raymond Depardon

So what photographers inspire me, God that’s a hard one as there are so many. If you know me personally you will understand the love I have for Scotland and what I believe to be it’s finest city, Glasgow. Two photographers who I often go to for inspiration are Raymond Depardon’s acclaimed photographs capturing bleakness and community spirit in 1980s Glasgow, some of the most powerful yet fascinating photos I have ever saw, originally Depardon had been commissioned to take pictures of Glasgow as a holiday destination for the Sunday Times, but was more drawn to gritty shots of the city’s more deprived areas of Govan, Maryhill, the Gorbals and Calton, which also showed the city’s community spirit. The colours and atmosphere of these photos amaze me,I probably incorporate  unconsciously some of his atmosphere  into my own image creation & post processing (or try to). I love how Depardon not only focuses on individual people, but uses the city as a back drop. looking at some of my own work I can see that this is a big part of “my style” also, sometimes my photos don’t include people , I don’t think people need to be present at all to create a stunning urban street scene.

Oscar Marzaroli

The other photographer I really love is the legend Oscar Marzaroli, Marzaroli’s photos record not only the fabric and atmosphere of the amazing city of Glasgow, but his sequences of photos capture some amazing characters as well as character of Glasgow beautifully. There is no doubt what so ever that Marzaroli loved Glasgow,  he loved it through his lens so intimately that you can’t help but wan to run about Glasgow with your camera. He loved the back streets, the lanes the old and new buildings., every inch of Glasgow was a gift to his eye, and he gave us all his amazing body of work as a thank you.

So there you have it, for my urban street work,  these are the photographers who inspire.

There are links to Depardon’s Glasgow and Marzaroli in the blog, please have a look, you won’t be disapointed. I have attached some of my photo also for you to hopefully enjoy. Thanks