Street Photography Trail

Today turned into night very quickly, it got dark before I knew it, night photography isn’t really something I have huge experience in. This is a good thing,  I like to be in environments that throw up a challenge or two. But, I wasn’t really that inspired TBH, I spent the past week or so concentrating more on buildings than I normally do, so I didn’t fancy doing any night building shots, I wanted to have fun and enjoy this rare treat of being out in Glasgow on my own at dark with my camera.

Night trails are something I want to try out, there is a great Glasgow based photographer William Lothian of Glasgow night photography who is a master of night trails and night Cityscape (link attached), he is who I first thought of when I was pondering weather to give them a bash. Huge problem though, I never had a tripod with me, just my camera and a few lenses. Creative avoidance could have taken over and I could have just said ach well I will just go home, Or I could experiment.


Experimenting won, so out came my camera and I switched into my zone. I started to move my dials around, playing with shutter speed, and aperture, even manually zooming my lens to create zoom and blur effects when I identified some cool lights. Some of my attempts were awful, and cringe worthy to say the least, but this new found appreciation for not really having high expectations of results was liberating and fresh to say the least.  Improvise adapt and over come, a saying I like, one that motivates me, I think I heard it in a cheesy Clint Eastwood film, Heart Break Ridge and it has been in my mind ever since.

I didn’t need my tripod, although it would have been smashing to have one,  you can feed the creative curious monster all the same. When I got home and uploaded the results I did trash a lot, but some just worked for me, some I really like. I experimented and for me personally, it paid off. Give it a go you may just surprise yourself.