Which camera to use

You will hear me talk of creative avoidance a lot; a horrible and self-efficacy destroying condition that you must work hard to make sure doesn’t become a bad habit.

Creative Avoidance is Not Procrastination

Procrastination is easier to deal with. When you aren’t being productive at all, you can almost all the times snap yourself out of it, go for a walk, get a sugar rush, have a coffee or tea then get back to work.

Creative avoidance is a different beast. It covers its own tracks by creating the illusion that everything will be okay, if you put it off. Or it feeds the negative self-talk monster, and you will often hear yourself say, “I will do it tomorrow or I can’t go to the gym today cause my training shoes don’t match my shorts”, or some other crazy mad excuse you give yourself for NOT doing what will ultimately make you happy. I was a master of creative avoidance before I learned how dangerous it is.

You can get lost in creative avoidance for hours, even days and sadly even years. So you consciously, unconsciously put your happiness and wellbeing on hold for another day, such a shame. I am also surrounded by people who are Jedi’s at creative avoidance and it really saddens me. I have musician friends who put of doing gigs or jamming with other talented musicians because they feed the creative avoidance shark, which in turn feeds the negative self-talk monster. One friend who is by far one of the greatest musicians and song writers I have ever heard, doesn’t do anything with his talent cause he thinks others are better than him, or that his equipment isn’t good enough to gig. Such a shame!

Sometimes creative avoidance creeps in on the fly, and if you let it, it will always win. Take for example my desire to street walk today (street photography walk or photography walk = my term “Street Walk”.) I had used my usual camera my Fuji XE1 (or my banjo as I have creepily pet named it) over the weekend for a wedding, and filled all my cards, all the cards had my firmware updates on them for my Fuji.

Street Walk

I so badly wanted to do a walk today as it was dry, and a bank holiday so Glasgow would offer plentiful opportunity. By the time I realised all my cards were full it was nearly too late, as I had to leave the house for a meeting. I had no time to transfer any disk to my hard drive and wipe.

This is when creative avoidance could have kicked in and I could have said, “Oh well all my cards are full, and I haven’t time to format and clear them before I need to leave for my meeting, so I will just leave it today”.

I honestly was about to say it, but when I was in my camera cupboard I saw my old Canon 650D with Tamron AF 28-75mm F/2.8, and remembered that it had a formatted blank SD card 4gbs, about 148 raw images worth. Perfect I thought. I grabbed an old camera bag fired it in and ran out the door for my meeting.

Sharing the car with monsters

Driving to my meeting, I was sharing the car with self-talk monster and creative avoidance shark. I was saying “oh oh, this camera is too big and chunky to run about Glasgow and the lens is big and intrusive also. “ Creative avoidance shark was delighted.

“You haven’t time to slow down and adapt to using this tool for your street photos, you’re making a big mistake, the minute you point that thin in someone’s face they will confront you and beat you senseless” Self-talk monster barked

Had I listened to creative avoidance shark, I would have given into negative self-talk monster and I am glad I never listened to either.

The Lens

My street walk with my canon and 28-75mm lens was awesome, what a valuable lesson it was, I decided that today everything was going to be manual as it was lunch time 12:00pm and to accommodate for the brightness and sun I needed to control everything manually, the light was bright sunshine, The sky alive with spring, in the heart of the city the light constantly changing from the dark alleys to bright streets, Harsh sunshine attracted to the pale faces of the seasoned Glaswegians, everyone walking about with a real contented aura, finally we have sunshine and it is even warm enough to get bravado and open the winter jacket from its usual barricaded closed norm

Today was wonderful, I confidently adjusted my settings, ISO, shutter speed and aperture with ease, Understanding the light around me, (think NEO in the final Matrix :)) even managing to do what we never ever do in Scotland and encourage positive self-talk to slap negative self-talk monster on the way past, and compliment myself on how much I am progressing as a photographer.


I wasn’t too fussed with composition today, as today was about falling in love with my Canon once again, and proving to myself that I can use it as a street camera without being intimidated. This time last year I would never have had the confidence to run about Glasgow city with one of my DSLRs, it won’t replace my XE1 which is an amazing street camera (amazing camera full stop once you learn how to work it) , but it has certainly gave me food for thought as I am weeks away from ditching all my DSLRs to exclusively go Fuji, with the Fuji XT1 and Xpro2 sitting on my shopping list, now I am tempted to go Canon 6d and Canon 80D, or Canon 6D or Fuji XT10 ….. Choices, choices….

I still love my Canons, please for goodness sake don’t give me a shot of the new Nikon D810 or I may end up with more cameras than shoes 🙂 but seriously, people often always ask “Which is the best camera?” and the traditional famous answer is, “the best camera is the one you have”, this is true, but I would go further still and say the best camera is the one that gives you the most pleasure, and for now I get different feelings of pleasure from all my cameras, next mission may be to use my camera phone, I can hear the creative avoidance shark stirring once again,

Thanks for reading here is some of the results from my Canon 650D with Tamron AF 28-75mm F/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF)….