Today started glorious, perfect weather for a wedding, all bride and grooms wish for sunshine on their special day and today didn’t disappoint, I’m not going to lie, I detest sunshine, when I’m in McSnappy mode,  it can be a right pain in the backside when you are a photographer, today was going to test all my skills. Challenge accepted,  Early February sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, harsh and deceiving as it was Baltic, freezing, a nice Scottish word for it, you were “Chittering”. Beautiful, but harsh & cold, an early ceremony put the bridal photos right after lunchtime, when the sun despises photographers the most. But the show must go on, and from start to finish what a wonderful show we had.

An earlier start than usual because of the early ceremony, to capture the bridal preps, I entered a beautiful relaxing home, a proper home, filled with the hustle and bustle of kids, pets and bacon sandwiches, to which I was offered one before I even focused my eyes on the wonderful host Mrs Smith (mother of the bride). Right upstairs to where the ladies were in the process of getting beautified (which of course wouldn’t take long 🙂 ) Hair was being done by the super talented Caroline McKay of Caroline McKay Hair, by the time I arrived she and her co-worker had been working their magic for hours. In fact, the room was full of talent (cough, including me) as the outstanding makeup artist Annie Walters, was making her art looking way too easy also, I believe Annie’s youngling is a top-notch dancer as well, the talent is strong in this family, I love watching the talent of the hairdressers and makeup artists, such a skill. What a wonderful group of professionals already.

Amy & Andrew were today’s star bride and groom, sometimes dealing with the bride for so long and so much you often forget the grooms name, not today, as every second person was called Andrew, and a great wee bonus of this wedding was knowing a few of the faces, having grown up with them. Amy would have only been a baby then, maybe not even born (oh dear)  🙂 , I am more familiar with her older brothers and sisters, even Janine, who would have also been a child. But Amy’s brother and sister,  Andrew and Lisa are the pair I have known longer than I care to remember,  a long time. I was in good company today.

So, on the with bridal prep shots, often a dread for brides, but defo a great part of the day, to capture, nerves, break the ice and get the bridal girls used to the camera being around. I was soon to be joined by another superb talent in the very skilled Morven, of MAQ FIlms, who was on hand to video capture the special day , I’ve worked with Maq films several times, and on chatting it seems a few more times as the year progresses, which lets me know our future brides have an eye for talent 😉 . If any future brides are still in the planning phase, then everyone who worked this wedding can be found on the links attached, defo give them a wee message, you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, bridal prep is always good fun, and believe me when I say our job is not to catch you looking like a burst couch, its to capture the atmosphere and give some treasured memories. It also lets us get stills of the dress, shoes and other important things memorable to your special day. After a few hours in the most chilled house I’ve ever been in with regards to nerves and stress, that there wasn’t any,  it was onto the venue.

The venue, which was the stunning Bothwell Bridge Hotel, a venue I have worked a few times,  one I enjoy immensely, the staff are always pleasant and smiley, it has a great vibe about it, and of course, it’s stunning. You can always tell a great venue by the way it treats the workers that are hired, as a photographer, it’s fantastic to be made feel welcome in a venue, and the Bothwell Bridge Hotel doesn’t disappoint, making sure you are comfortable throughout the day, and almost becoming offended if you don’t take a meal from them. The Manager even opens up the rooms to use for creative shots, nothing is a problem for this venue and one that makes me happy to be in. Another thumbs up, and a venue you should check out if you are still planning, even to get some of the quality patter off the manager, who genuinely cares about every couple who weds here. Photos, there is a vintage rustic Italian style garden to take advantage of also, which is a welcome backdrop if you can’t be bothered making the journey to another venue for shots, so everything under one roof. 

However the very relaxed Amy & Andrew chose to venture to the beautiful Viewpark gardens  (there is a  £45.82 charge to book these gardens for wedding photos, so plan ahead) for their photos, this place is a treasure trove of beauty and places to use as stunning backdrops, it was specially opened for Amy & Andrew, it was still defrosting and drying out from our recently soggy, snowy winter, so some parts where a no go, but still plenty of locations to shoot. what a fantastic wedding surrounded by great people, it made my job easier, no moaning about being outside in the deceivingly sunny but freezing day, and plenty of patience for when I was wrestling with the harsh sunshine just nothing but utter happiness and joy, it truly was a special occasion.

Enjoy the photos, if you like what you see and wish to know my prices or anything else, please look HERE and drop me a line.