West End Park 

My kid fancied going for a wee play at the amazing Parkour park which is housed in the West End park in Coatbridge. I agreed as long as I could bring my camera. Coatbridge Parkour Park is unlike anything else in Scotland and quite possibly the biggest of its kind in the UK. The park opened in the summer of 2014 through partnership between North Lanarkshire Council, CultureNL and Coatbridge Parkour.

The project was initially started after local parkour group ‘Coatbridge Parkour’ identified the need to increase the current facility.  Coatbridge parkour worked tirelessly with North Lanarkshire Council and Culture North Lanarkshire, to gain funding for the site, and chose Freemove to install the facility after a tender process.

Freemove were successful in their bid, after providing an exciting design which incorporates a variety of movements for users.  Freemove’s strong relationship with Coatbridge Parkour through partners Parkour Generations was also a contributing factor for the installation.

The opening of Coatbridge which was held on the 18th July, saw over 500 traceurs attend from Parkour Generations, Coatbridge Parkour and other groups. This massive turn out also included representatives from Sport Scotland, who were interested in the installation after having seen some of Coatbridge Parkours classes.



It’s certainly a wonderful park and has attracted the keen interest of both my kids, and friends. Luckily  on a cloudy early Autumn afternoon the park was quiet, which allowed me to have some fun with my camera whilst the kids played 🙂