Today in my other job, or my day job,  I got the opportunity to participate in a workshop ran by Rossie Stone’ of Dekko comics. Dekko comics communicate cross-curricular content in an entertaining way. They make learning more accessible, particularly for children with dyslexia, autism, ADHD or those who are simply bored with homework and find this presentation more engaging. Each comic contains twelve diverse KS2 curriculum topics from subjects including Maths, English, Science, History, Languages and Geography. Dekko comics format is tried and tested, a recent study by Dr Paul Aleixo Sheffield Hallam University has shown that students remember details significantly better when learnt through comic books compared to textbooks.

A very unique and exciting opportunity for the Wisegroup to develop something similar for a project they currently administer, meant I was invited to this workshop, and it never disappointed. The enthusiasm and knowledge Rossie possess is infectious if not contagious, it wasn’t long before we were all chipping in with some suggestions, and ideas. It is refreshing to work with someone so passionate about the topic, and an expert in delivering it. Rossie was clearly enjoying himself as much as us because the day flew in, the creativity of my work colleagues was pretty special also. With everyone having their own visions and suggestions for content, which were received well from our mentor Rossie, who saw the potential in what we came up with.

Of course, today was as much about him learning about us and what we do, as us learning about him.  We will all look forward to seeing how this progresses as the suggestions develop into an end product. Exciting. You can follow the links to learn more about Dekko Comics and the Wisegroup. Here is Rossie doing a presentation on Dekko comics,  Of course, there are some photos to enjoy.