Eleanor & Hugh Golden Wedding

Eleanor & Hugh © Mark Mutch O'Hare

Eleanor & Hugh © Mark Mutch O’Hare

This was my first Golden wedding renewal of vows, I had to say yes, to be part of something so magical doesn’t come along everyday. I mean 50 years of marriage is quite an achievement, and one of life’s great success stories. I must admit to having fleeting nerves as you do when it’s your first time for anything. However the family were awesome from the offset, nervous laughter and warm welcomes. In fact had I not known better you’d be forgiven for thinking that Eleanor & Hugh’s daughter Alexandria was the one who was to be married, a nervous wreck she was, you could tell how much it meant to her that this day was as special as it could be for her lovely parents.


© Mark Mutch O’Hare

I am someone who incorporates humour into every aspect of my life, why not life’s way to precious and short, so why not enjoy yourself when you are here. I was worried my boisterous humour may be out of touch on this occasion and was pleasantly surprised that this vintage (vintage as in classy) couple were full of warmth and humour. The grand children were full of energy and lively haha, which always makes for great photos. I knew today was going to be a good day, you just know these things.


The coupe renewed their vows in St Columbas Parish Church Of Scotland in Airdrie, a great wee town, however they were not married here some 50 years earlier, that took place on a snowy day in Chapelhall,where the groom and best man had to  painstakingly push the car up a hill as it got stuck in snow. The original bridesmaid was by Eleanors side, (Mrs Blink, never met anyone who blinks so much in photos 😉 )  sadly Hugh’s brother the best man passed away, but the gorgeous grand daughter Heather stepped up to the mark, and carried out her duties like a pro. Today they were to be remarried by Rev. Margaret Currie, who was lovely but stern, informing me that no flash was to be used and that I had to stay at piece far left of the ceremony. This suited me as I am enjoying a phase of natural light photography anyway, so no concerns from me. I trusted my set up to handle the situation easily, and it did. The service was rapid and beautiful and I got some awesome shots.

I had to return later after the family meal, to the stunning Airdrie town-hall, which i was looking forward to as I love this building, and the renovations make it a wonderful venue for any occasion. When I entered the hall I saw huge cardboard cutouts of the couple from 50 years ago from the original wedding, it was wonderful to experience, they never had many photos of their wedding so the ones the family preserved will be rightfully cherished a timeless reminder of such an amazing day. This time around they will have plenty to keep.

I was amazed to learn that they never had a first dance at their wedding and it took a bit of coaching to get them to agree to do one finally after 50 years, and wasn’t it worth it, a truly magical moment to have been part of, and best yet pictures to prove it. A wonderful speech from their other daughter proved to be a hit, a fantastic poem that the bard himself would have been proud of. The hall was bursting with love and affection for this special husband and wife. What a great day to have witnessed. Anyway here are some of my fav snaps from the day

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