There are huge perks to being a photographer based around the absolutely gorgeous city of Glasgow, occasionally it gets chosen to be a cinematic back drop for holywood. This set of photos were taken at the end of a glorious autumn day in October 2017  when a street in Glasgow had been transformed to resemble New York city, as actor Benedict Cumberbatch filmed scenes for a new TV show. The TV show is period drama Melrose. American flags had been added to buildings, parking meters covered and street signs changed. Melrose, a joint venture by Sky Atlantic and Showtime, is based on Edward St Aubyn’s acclaimed series of semi-autobiographical Patrick Melrose novels. Glasgow becomes New York.

As well as starring in the title role, Cumberbatch will serve as the executive producer. The series has been written by One Day author David Nicholls and stars Luther and Game Of Thrones actress Indira Varma. The show will air in 2018 and will also be shot at locations in London and the south of France. I never really had much time to sneak about capturing photos of the main man Cumberbatch, and took full advantage that most other photographers and star searching fans hovering around the man himself, for me to fully appreciate the wonderful work the set designers had made of St Vincent Street in Glasgow, the old American cars and taxi’s were my favoured things to gush over, I did see Mr Cumberbatch and gave him a Scottish “hello, and are you enjoying the city?” to which he politely acknowledged. I was going to try for a selfie however the staff were’t to keen on me getting close, I only wanted the selfie for a friend who was a huge fan, it’s very rare I get super excited for famous people if they aren’t on my list of people i’d love to meet 🙂

I took my time in the post processing bit, as I wanted to try and emulate the 80s New York kind of vibe(not spot on, but I think I have manged to capture something), the TV show is set in the 80s, so playing on photoshop and trying new techniques I’d always fancied slowed down the end result,  I tend to edit personal projects in between other photography paid work. Here are some of my favourite images of the day. Thanks for watching, feel free to share