I’m going to ignore the political and religious shame that hangs over this city like a storm cloud ready to shoot bolts of lightning at any second. This sinister side of the city only really affects the natives. If you are a tourist then you will be blissfully ignorant of Scotlands shame, and that’s not a bad thing trust me. But wow,  what a stunning and joyous city to be in, seriously, there is not a corner of Glasgow that isn’t filled with magic, the architecture,  and the people. The slogan “People Make Glasgow” wasn’t created as some catchy wee logo phrase to dupe unsuspecting tourists into blanking Edinburgh to head for Scotlands biggest and greatest city. It was created because that is exactly what you will say when leaving Glasgow, I’ve never in my 39 years met a Glaswegian who hasn’t endeared me to chat (if they are in the mood of course, which is at least 90% of the time, as long as it’s not chatting about football, you should be fine, golden rule, if ever asked what team you support say you’re a rugby person, be prepared to get absoloute pelters for being a rugby person though, better than the alternative if you choose the wrong football team) the patter and sense of humour of Glaswegians is world famous for a reason, mainly because their patter and humour is world class. You only need to think of two of the worlds greatest comedians to understand my point, the Big Yin, Billy Connolly and Kevin Bridges.

Sorry Edinburgh

Calm down Edinburgh folk, your city is pretty spectacular also, but as you will agree completely different from Glasgow, after visiting both and spending a lot of time in both, Glasgow wins it for me, on people, and atmosphere. Architecturally Glasgow has been badly neglected as opposed to the meticulous attention to preserving the Captial, when both cities should be protected equally, so for the preserved historical beauty, Edinburgh nudges just ahead, however, 🙂 after an hour or so it gets repetative and sorry, boring, the lack of atmosphere  that oozes from Glasgow is like a magnet and it’s not long before I’m praying to be back in what is MY opnion Scotlands greatest city, I would be bold and say the worlds, but I’m not lucky enough to have visted every city on Earth, so I’ll be content with one of the worlds greatest cities.  (as is Edinburgh, so relax don’t be a total radge  ****). I totally get the mystic draw to Edinburgh if you are a tourist, and I am by no means advising not to go to Edinburgh, far from it,  if you visit glorious Scotland then visit both, I implore and encourage you, they are 1 hour tops on the train from each other and so easy to travel to. For the budget aware tourist, stay in Glasgow and travel to Edinburgh, in real terms you will have 2 nights out in Glasgow to one in Edinburgh 😉 but see both, then go to Stirling and then my other Favourite city in Scotland Dundee, again all very easy to get to from either of the city centres mentioned.


The jewel in the crown

Sadly Glasgow city is ravaged by poverty, and serious political neglect, Considering it was once classed as a jewel in great British Empire, you only need to kick about the Merchant city to see this, it does enjoy moments of attention and investment but is always seriously under-invested in by both money and attention, maybe I’m being unfair, possibly the investment has been in the wrong places and things, historically this has always been the case , but this might just be the key to its people, there are no airs or graces, it is what it is, and the Glaswegians have adapted to it throughout history without it allowing it to damage their priceless personalities. Like most modern cultured cities its separated from the East v West lifestyle, with the West End being classed as the Posh bit.  The Westend is beautiful, it has a wee bit more of the Edinburgh vibe to it, only with Glaswegian soul. The East End is making its mark, maybe rising in prestige a little, probably due to the multi-million-pound investment on the Clyde, which has brought much-needed attention to it. Some cracking wee eatery places and of course famous Glasgow pubs. But still, there really is no excuse for the lack of love and care that this city deserves (same as many other cities in these filthy rich countries of the United Kingdom, sometimes it feels like only London & Edinburgh exist)

East End of Glasgow

I spend more time kicking about the East End and the East End part of Glasgow city centre, I love it, I can often stand for ages just soaking in its raw beauty and absorbing its unique atmosphere, some people like the beach, for me, well I am a city slicker and Glasgow is my beach. For the past three years I’ve been documenting the East End side of the city, random photos, finding wee neuks and crannies that open up another wonder of amazement, three years in, walking down the same streets almost daily, I still find something new, or a path that leads to somewhere new and amazingly exciting, I’ve never felt unsafe or unwelcome once (go away fate) Glasgow I love you, I was hopeing to tire of the East End side at least a year and a half ago, but nope, every day something captures my attention. So the West End will just need to wait for now, a friend pointed me northwards from the East End, I must investigate the North East End before I even begin to forensically examine anymore of this absolutely fantastic city.  As always, here’s a fraction of some of the photos I’ve captured. Glasgow, what a City!

Stay tuned for more Glasgow