The Vu Bathgate

The Vu in Bathgate is undeniably beautiful, what a perfect backdrop for such a pretty and joyful wedding, no matter the weather you certainly get the dream back drop for some memorable wedding snaps. This day promised to be lovely and sunny, but hey, we are in the heart of Scotland so best be prepared for four seasons in one day, and this is exactly what we got, flutters of snow, rain, sun and plenty of the famous grey Scottish cloud. No matter the weather it never put a dampener on this cracking day.

It is a fantastic honour to be invited to be the wedding photographer for people, as it is after all the most important and joyous day of their lives. It is a humbling and nervous experience, as mistakes can’t be  fixed,  what a compliment to be trusted to share the magical day. Klayr was super organised and booked me a long time ago, our diaries never actually synced enough for us to actually meet face to face, a few phone calls and e-mails and Klayr placed huge trust in me, which again is such an incredible honour. I could have been an axe murdering uncle bob with a point and shoot camera and from a galaxy far far away for all she knew :).

Klayr & Ian The Vu Bathgate

Klayr  the bonnie bride to be, wanted the full shebang, meaning she was brave enough to let me be part of the bridal preparations, I love the bridal preps its certainly gives you a flavour of who you are working with, the guard is down and the true personality shines through, and gives you a chance to have a conversation with the bride to fine tune the style you are going after. Immediately on meeting Klayr I knew it was going to be a super day, such a friendly welcoming bride and my GOD possibly the most relaxed future bride I have ever met. The real bonus for me was that she actually looked at my camera when I was trying to get my shots, really unusual as most tend to make an effort not to look directly at the camera (or maybe try not to look at me which has got me worried now, my mum always told me I was handsome 🙂  lol) normally I need to prompt my brides to give me a wee acknowledgment, more so when they are not fully ready. So 10 / 10 for going with the flow.

The rest of the bridal party were equally as relaxed and open. I was really impressed by the make up artist and hairdresser (sorry I forgot to get names 🙁 however I will post a link and amend this once I find out.) they were superb workers and true pros. The make up artist had his own Beauty dish which I took full advantage of and complimented my bridal prep images, I need to buy one 🙂 I don’t know if they work together but they certainly make an awesome team, bouncing off each other and making sure their work was of high standard. In this business these are the pros which you need, so fair play.

Bridal Preps

After capturing some amazing bridal preps I made my way to the Vu, a venue which is becoming my most popular in the past year or so. This is a venue which is run like a tight ship, staff on the ball and in my experience runs like clockwork, the staff are easy to deal with and are accommodating, communicating everything and always keeping you updated, these are the small things which make your job easier, so I like this place a lot. I quickly introduced myself to the groom Ian  and his party, and again was delighted to be presented with an amazingly friendly fella and a group of equally great lads as his best men and ushers. I met David from Beautiful Bride Wedding Video  a lovely guy who worked with me rather than against me which can sometimes be the norm with videoographers, so cheers David, wee link attached as a thank you for your company and professionalism 🙂 , Wasn’t long until I was informed of the brides arrival so off  I went to get some of Klayr and her Dad.

You could tell how much walking his daughter down the isle meant to the father of the bride, suffering MS didn’t stop his pride and desire to deliver his gorgeous daughter to Ian who was by now a nervous wreck , I love how the bravado and boystrious pleasurable nonsense evaporates from the groom the closer it comes to the ceremony and Ian didn’t disappoint, I could almost feel his heart beating when I perched right at the front to capture the first glance, for selfish reasons I always ask the groom not to look round until the bride is near him as I know how important the first glance images can be. So fair play Ian for resisting the urge to turn around straight away to capture a glimpse of his stunning wife to be.


Images Klayr & Ian The Vu Bathgate

Anyway enough from me, here is a small flavour of some of my fav images, a lot of black and white in this gallery but I also present the bride with the coloured images as well, I just really love my back and white images just now, and when you see these you will understand why, I have added a few colour to the gallery too, just so Klayr can have a wee look because this is the first time she will have seen any of her images as well.