Photography Blues

I often ask myself, why do you this?, why do you do you walk the streets any opportunity you get snapping random scenes, people and things. It’ s not like I actively try and sell this stuff, people make inquires and I often half hardheartedly flirt with the idea of selling it, but then I would need to sacrifice my free street walk time to do it, so the idea of selling often gets put on hold mainly due to time and commitment. I have other things to do.

Instead I see my street walks more like a learning opportunity, a chance to explore and play, I like to try different genres and styles of photography, it just so happens that I simply haven’t tired of walking about snapping strangers doing “life”.  I can’t ever see me tiring of it to be honest, it relaxes me, excites me, feeds my creative beast and I have also learned so much about photography the past 15 months from really committing to it than I did the previous 5 years being a pro, so I guess it’s kind of good for business as well. Street walking lets me think of new ways to see a scene, composition, approach and allows me to nurture my creative eye. Editing wise it boost my knowledge and keeps me eager to keep learning.

I haven’t written a street style blog for a while as I have happily been busy, I haven’t created much digital noise in some of the street forums, and have also left many groups as well, mainly because they are filled constantly with digital noise, people posting the same picture in different forums, and doing it every day, fair play if it makes them happy, but it was really starting to bore me senseless as out of every 200 people only about 5 or 6 of them were worth the energy to like and engage with there work (well 5 or 6 who caught my creative appreciation I mean),. I’m not making a complaint out of this, its just now I am at a place where these groups do nothing for me, this time last year I was one of the digital noise creators,  so please don’t stop posting, just know there comes a time when enough is enough, I prefer to spend my free time doing this or being out snapping, not sitting on a PC posting 1 picture in 100 plus groups, where because of the digital noise sometimes you are paying to enter an art gallery  to  find that someone stole the paintings.

Here is a few  I haven’t shown many people yet. Hope you enjoy 🙂