Street Photo © Mark Mutch O'Hare

Street Photo © Mark Mutch O’Hare

Now that we are kind of getting to know each other, kind of, let me tell you what inspiration does to me and what it is. Inspiration is pure dead brilliant in Scottish terms, it can happen at any given time, a smell, a memory, a song on the radio, reading  a good blog absolutely anything, it comes at the most unusual and sometimes awkward times. Photography wise, not having my camera near or on me can totally ruin my mood. Much the same as a writer not having a pen or notepad, or a musician not getting their hands on a instrument ASAP.


Pure Street © Mark Mutch O'Hare

Pure Street © Mark Mutch O’Hare

I make sure I never leave home without my camera, this is my instrument, my pen, my paintbrush. In fact I can hand on heart say that when I am holding my camera I am in my place of utter serene happiness. The world is there to be documented, I don’t mind being called as a street photographer, or urban photographer or what ever label people throw my way. I am just happy when I am making images, if they come out in a documented style of photography and people feel the need to label it, then batter right in. I have said before I am more an ethnographer or possibly a documentary styled street urban phototgrapher or what ever ha-ha.


Mark Mutch O'Hare © McSnappy Street Stuff

Mark Mutch O’Hare © McSnappy Street Stuff


Sometimes it all goes horrible, my settings aren’t working, my eye isn’t seeing, my mojo is flat, but this is all part of the utter joy and despair of photographing unprepared. I am easily 10 times the photographer I was this time last year, because I am always snapping images, creating, letting my creative monster out for a walk. If I don’t let this creative beast out, my whole aura is effected, my mood, my personality, my being. I am unbalanced and quite frankly miserable. If I go days, weeks (never months, never ever has it been months) without walking about looking, learning, experiencing then I am soulless.


© Street Photo Mark Mutch O'Hare

© Street Photo Mark Mutch O’Hare


That may sound awful dramatic, but it’s not. If you are a hill-walker, then hill walk, if you are a scuba diver, then dive, if you like to dance …then face the music and dance. Imagine a dancer never danced, or a painter never painted, how awful. I am a strong believer that you are what you do, or you are what you ask for or as my Grandad used to say “You are your surroundings” so true. I am a photographer (now calm down, we are not here to judge, if I want judged I will enter my images in a competition to be judged) I am here to unleash my creative beast, to talk about it, to let you fine people know what inspiration does to me, what it means.

Pure Street Stuff

Pure Street Stuff

It’s important in this short journey we call life that you do what makes you happy and sod the rest, sometimes you need you time. EVERYONE needs a hobby, EVERYONE, you need something that is about you, and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. It’s not selfish to be about self, even for 60 mins a day, a week, a month, what ever you feel you need, and I don’t buy the line that you don’t have time to be selfish, of course you do. I am a father, work 2 full time jobs and still find at least 60 mins (or more if I can)  a day to indulge myself.


© Mark Mutch O'Hare PURE DEAD STREET part 1

© Mark Mutch O’Hare PURE DEAD STREET part 1

Time stealers are stopping you being selfish, in fact your time stealers are probably the selfish time I speak off, if you watch soaps, read newspapers, watch the news, if you do all, then you unconsciously steal around 3 hours per day of your own valuable time, then moan you don’t have time to do anything ha-ha. Seriously selfish time should be about development of a talent, a hobby, an interest. Your hardly going to get it watching Phil Mitchel getting nearly murdered AGAIN…..

PURE DEAD STREET part 1 © McSnappy

PURE DEAD STREET part 1 © McSnappy

Now we are not talking about unwind time, unwind time is completely different and also vital, this can be time to read a book, watch a film (I say film as its only a one time 60-90 mins and not 5 nights a week soap opera time stealing) . By the time you have watched your latest soap I will have written the first draft of this, edited the images attached and proof read it.

Glasgow Street Photography © McSnappyohare

Glasgow Street Photography © McSnappyohare


Inspiration is wanting to do something that will fulfill you, compliment you, excite you and most importantly grow you….my inspiration today is PURE DEAD STREET and these are some of the images that i think fulfill my current need to be inspired. Happy snapping and thanks for stopping by.



© Waiting to be inspired Mark Mutch O'Hare

© Waiting to be inspired Mark Mutch O’Hare


Excuse me what way to inspiration © McSnappy

Excuse me what way to inspiration © McSnappy