Today I am street sweet, for some reason a saying that I heard recently has got me motivated.

“Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.”

This resonates well with me today, so much so I deleted myself from about 12 street photography forums on social media, the attitudes and boring patronising gushes of popularity are beginning to make me feel a wee bit pukey. I love that people are playing with cameras and posting work, it’s what it is all about. However the same mundane black and white photos are starting to burn my eyes.

Street Sweet

The Street genre is terribly misunderstood , and so many photographers are scared to try and be modern, fresh and dare I say it creative,  my god it needs it. Recently I saw one black and white photo that was Okay,  I am not being cruel, it was genuinely okay, nothing special at all (a crowd of random people doing nothing, standing in a street) , it somehow managed to gain an incredible 500 odd likes, and some of the most nauseating comments ever,  staggering when you consider that right underneath it was one of (in my opinion) most amazing colourful street creations I had ever saw, and only 4 other people had liked it. Interestingly though the comments were constructive and positive none of this lovey dovey I want to kiss your arse shite, that is as common as some of the photos on display,  but credible and well thought out feedback.

I then decided that I don’t want to be part of a popularity contest on social media forums, befriending everyone who shows a fleeting glimpse of being a “cool” street tog. I am not learning anything what so ever from 500 people who all lust after my likes, and fantasize over my , “My dear Rupert, what a lovely street scene” comment. Fuck right off with that shite. So I took my own advice and banned myself from such groups as they serve zero purpose. I like groups that it is really hard to get an image onto, ones where you post an image and it gets rejected, because it’s not appropriate or even good enough for the page.

I get we all have different tastes, I am not saying that these groups should leave the planet,  they just aren’t for me anymore, I am hungry for a bit more than empty arse slapping, and random praise.  Who gets to judge, what is a great image “street style or not”, who the feck cares, you learn what groups are for you and what ones aren’t, I know who I want feedback or even praise off,  and that’s the point, do what makes you happy, if these empty groups of digital noise are for you, then charge on. Stop wasting your time filling 100 social media forums fishing for empty praise, instead target the ones that make you want to be a better photographer. Listen, I know what groups I could snap a toe nail lying on the ground  and get 1000 likes, and I know the ones that would reject the pointless toenail photo, personally I am more interested in the ones that reject the toenail… (and yes if done properly I know a toenail lying on the ground could be an awesome photo, need to try find one now 🙂 ).

Keep snapping, keep growing, keep moving, it’s a cruel game sometimes, but that’s what makes it fun…… here are some photos for you to turn your nose up at, or even enjoy.. Peace xx